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Is Winsock LSP Cost Effective?

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Most people are ignorant of their need to have a software program that performs the function that Winsock LSP Software performs.  The inserted code is actually difficult to create, often taking a few months, so it’s best to rely on software like Winsock LSP to do the job for you. 

It is very costly to develop and implement such a software program.  In order to have a properly working LSP software that doesn’t slow your computer down, get Winsock LSP.  You get a tried and true product with a guarantee. 

With this software you will be able to automatically make your IP address anonymous and can redirect a call to a new website address if you desire.  Winsock LSP software is not costly, not if you compare it to not having it.


Winsock LSP Calls

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

How does the call from the Winsock LSP travel through the interfaces?  How is communication handled within the application?  This is a very brief synopsis.

LSP is the quick way to say Layered Service Provider.  A Winsock LSP is used for a number of reasons.  This technology is not simple, though it may seem that way to the casual computer user.

When a call is sent on a Winsock API, it travels through a succession of gates or interfaces before it reaches the kernels.  The gates, or layers, as they are also called, are where code is inserted in order to monitor, reroute or change the original call.  This is what happens when you utilize adult content controls or block spam or emails.


Different Networks, One Solution: LSP

Friday, June 11th, 2010

Networks – they are all different.  Yes, in general, all networks are similar, but ultimately they each operate differently.  Even if you administer two networks yourself, they are going to be differentiated in some way or form.  When it comes down to it, all networks are different.

How a network is regulated is going to depend on the person running the network.  Yes, they all have administrators and servers, but the differences are going to come out based on how they are run by the people in charge.

Winsock LSP is a really great tool for the network administrator for this reason.  Winsock LSP allows the network administrator to run the network with less hassle and headache.  Winsock LSP can create individual programs that will handle the more complex computer networking aspects.


The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

The Good

Winsock LSP enhances your security by disabling and malicious network commands.  Furthermore, Quality of Service, stream-based, URL content sniffers, data logging, and stream based network sniffers can all be done with LSP. 

The Bad

Hackers can use LSP as well.  Adware and spyware programs powered by LSP can steal Internet communication.  Hackers can then collect this stolen information;  financial information is not safe from malicious LSP programs and SPAM authors can use the private information in their SPAM campaigns. 

The Ugly

Improperly installed or buggy LSP programs can corrupt and damage the Winsock catalog with the Windows registry.  The same is true for any LSP program that does not register itself properly.  This causes a loss of network connections.


Winsock LSP Introduction

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Winsock LSP (Windows Socket Layered Service Provider) is a part of the Service Provider Interface.  This interface is very easily one of the very least comprehended aspects of Winsock2.  There is a great scarcity of quality information online about Winsock LSP.

A program that is incorporating LSP will use the Windows DLL file and Winsock API to place itself into the communication stack.  It will have the ability to read, modify, and intercept network communication.  This includes both communication coming to and from the system.

The uses for this type of program within a Microsoft OS are extremely far reaching.  Of course, it can cause as much harm as good.  As they say, “With much power comes much responsibility.”