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Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Listen my friends, I hate spam.  I hate spam in all of its many forms.  I even hate food product Spam.  When I was a little kid, my dad used to make these Spam sandwiches.  He would pan fry the Spam and add brown sugar to it.  Then he would put it between two pieces of bread with mayo and eat it.  He said he learned it from his father.  Well, that tradition is not making it to the next generation!

Every single network that ever connects to the Internet is going to have this problem.  It really makes no difference how tight and up-to-date your security is – you are going to get spam.  Firewalls and blockades are nothing to spam.  A spam blocker is one of the most popular and frequently requested Winsock LSP applications. 

Now it is true that spam gets around generic spam blockers as a rule; however, if you built the spam blocker yourself, you could then tailor it towards the specific kind of spam that is your greatest problem.  A custom built Winsock LSP spam blocker would be your greatest spam fighting tool.

I wonder if my dad still makes those Spam sandwiches.  I am going to have to call him and ask.