Vista: LSP Developer’s Bane

Vista has become the bane of all LSP programmers and created one enormous aggravation!

Windows Vista presented a pair of new “capabilities” to Winsock LSP that were designed to enhance the user experience anytime the LSP was working, but these mechanisms cause severe headaches for LSP computer programmers, learning just how to deal with these types of elements can save you useful time because overlooking them means that your current LSP will not operate during various scenarios.

The very first process that is employed is to safeguard against flawed WSPSelect. Microsoft determined that LSPs have to inform the Operating System if they support layering over each of those protocols or not, if they don’t the LSP will certainly never receive WSPSelect calls. Basically if your LSP does not need to intercept WSPSelect then it really is not a problem for you, but if you do, then it is an enormous concern.

So what are the procedures necessary? To start with you need to layer over the two providers. After that you will have to insert a code within WSPSelect.


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