Why Use LSP?

When you consider all of the benefits of being able to manage every information packet, you realize the amount of functions that can be employed.  For instance, you can drop or redirect any packets you choose by setting the logic rules you determine.  So there is no question that Winsock LSP has great value.

Using Winsock LSP, you can run many common applications including scanning emails, website/HTTP redirection, and/or website blocking.  This is all fine and good.  However, there are already other aplications that are also currently performing these tasks.  We already have email scanning applications, and website blocking applications, and redirection applications.

So the question arises:  Why use LSP?

This question must be answered every time that LSP is considered for an application that already has an existing solution.  It may very well be that you choose LSP, but maybe not.  It’s up to you.


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